20 Actions to Stop Hunger

Relief + Prevention = Zero Hunger

Relieve Hunger Today 
1.    Recover and donate leftover food

2.    Bridge the summer feeding gap 

3.    Prepare and serve meals 

4.    Volunteer at your local food pantry 

5.    Raise money

6.    Organize a food drive 

7.    Look for “hidden in plain sight” opportunities 

8.    Recruit volunteers 

9.    Make an app for that 

10.  Donate money 


Prevent Hunger Tomorrow
11.    Help the most vulnerable among us (veterans, seniors and kids) 

12.    Be a voice for the voiceless
13.    Contact your Member of Congress to support federal programs that end hunger 

14.    Teach others to become zero hunger advocates

15.    Learn about the root causes of poverty and hunger 

16.    Help food pantries offer more than food 

17.    Improve participation in benefits like SNAP and Summer EBT 

18.    Learn from people with first-hand experience of hunger

19.    Stop the stigma of hunger 

20.    Invest in women