Sodexo Reveals The 20ish Under 20ish Hunger Squad For 2016

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$629,000 in scholarships and grants have been distributed by the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation to honor hunger fighters ages 5 to 25

Gaithersburg, MD, May 5, 2016- Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services, announced the 20ish under 20ish Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholars for 2016, featuring members of the zero hunger generation who are leveraging their remarkable and unique powers to combat hunger and positively impact their communities across America. The Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has provided $629,000 in scholarships and grants since 2007.

Each year, a new squad of hunger fighters ages 5 to 25, who have made a significant impact in the fight against hunger, are recognized at the national and regional level and honored with a scholarship or grant by Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation.  The national scholarship recipients each receive $5,000 for their education as well as a matching grant in their name for the hunger-related charity of their choice.

 “According to the USDA, 48 million Americans are at risk of hunger, including 15 million children. That represents one in five children that face hunger, preventing them from reaching their full potential,” said Shondra Jenkins, Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation executive director. “The 20ish under 20ish Hunger Squad is actively involved in shaping America’s future by creating innovative models and solutions to eliminate hunger.”

The 2016 20ish under 20ish National Hunger Scholars are:

Ian McKenna Goncalo (A.K.A. The Giving Gardener) • Age: 11 • Austin, TX

When seventh-grader Ian McKenna found out that some of his Austin, TX, classmates were going to bed hungry he decided to put his gardening skills to good use. He started gardens in local schools to give those students access to fresh produce and even teaches them how to use it.

Olivia Hodge (A.K.A. The Snack Packer) • Age: 17 • Blacksburg, VA

Olivia Hodge volunteered for years with her local backpack program, but wanted to do more. Now a senior in high school, she organized a snack closet in her Blacksburg, VA school for her peers that were coming to school hungry.  

Brianna LaFran Moore (A.K.A. The General) • Age: 20 • Oak Park, MI

Brianna LaFran Moore has been volunteering at her local food bank since she was young and now, as a Michigan State University Sophomore, turned her passion for feeding people into her own charity Operation Warm Up/Warm Heart.

Jackson Silverman (A.K.A. Mr. Big Heart) • Age: 11 • Charleston, SC

Jackson Silverman started I Heart Hungry Kids when he was 7 after hearing about kids who were making a difference in his community near Charleston, SC. He felt a special place in his heart for kids who were hungry, so Jackson started organizing monthly parties engaging peers to pack bags of healthy foods for those in need.

Hannah Steinberg (A.K.A. The Couponer) • Age: 20 • Scarsdale, NY

Tufts University Junior Hannah Steinberg, clips coupons to shop for goods and groceries at discounted – and sometimes free – prices that she donates to a local homeless shelter that houses over 150 families.

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Sodexo Reveals The 20ish Under 20ish  Hunger Squad For 2016