Our vision

Improving quality of life has always been central to Sodexo's mission and values. That is why in 1996, we created Stop Hunger.

Stop Hunger mobilizes volunteers, including Sodexo employees, clients, customers and youth to contribute to hunger-free communities around the world. Sodexo employees support Stop Hunger year-round by donating their time, resources and expertise, holding fundraisers and encouraging others to get involved.

In 1999, Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, was created with the mission to ensure that every child in the United States grows up with dependable access to enough nutritious food to enable them to lead a healthy, productive life. Sodexo, Inc. funds all administrative costs for Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation to ensure that all money raised helps those in need. Since its inception, the Foundation has granted more than $29 million to alleviate child hunger.

Globally, Stop Hunger is a leading force in the fight against hunger that is present in 44 countries with the goal of being in all 80 countries where Sodexo does business.

Growing the Stop Hunger Movement
15 Years of Impact in Local Communities