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What is Servathon?

Servathon is Sodexo’s largest global Stop Hunger event. Every April and May Sodexo empowers its employees around the world to join forces, engage their teams and fight hunger in their local communities. We do this through service, skilled volunteerism, fundraising and activities that go beyond food aid. Participating in Servathon is easy and a great engagement and team-building tool! 

Who can get involved?
All Sodexo employees, clients, family, and friends.

Who organizes the events?
The national Stop Hunger team, teams of people throughout Sodexo (accounts, segments, EBRGs) and you!  More information will be posted on SodexoNet for internal employees to review. 

When is Servathon in 2023?
Servathon 2023 is scheduled for April 1 - May 31.