Volunteer to Stop Hunger

Current Opportunities to Resolve to End Hunger in 2023

- Show your heart, Play your part campaign


- Save the Date: Servathon 2023 Starts April 1


Other Ways to Contribute to Stop Hunger

Click here for a short guide on creative ways to volunteer - you may already be helping others with food insecurity! 

Did you know that If just ¼ of Sodexo employees volunteered 1 hour a month and/or donated $1.00 a week, that would total to over 420,000 volunteer hours served and the equivalent of 7,280,000 meals donated! 

Please help us encourage others to pledge to do more in 2023 by finding ways to give back and fight hunger in your community!


Visit and share the links below:

Donate via The Resolve to End Hunger Campaign Site: ANYONE can donate here   

Donate via payroll giving: Sodexo employees only

Track Group or On-Site Volunteer Activities: Grants KPI Platform                  
If you want help recovering/donating produced food, food in inventory, surplus food, etc. the Stop Hunger Team can help! Please connect with Stop Hunger Team Member Taylor Gorycki at taylor.gorycki@sodexo.com.