The Heroes of Everyday Life® program was created to honor Sodexo employees who have demonstrated exemplary service to others in the fight against hunger. Heroes receive a $5,000 grant to their hunger-related non-profit of choice. 

We are extremely proud of our Heroes of Everyday Life. View a video about the 2024 Heroes! 

Allison Asaro, Senior Area General Manager, Societe Generale, New York, NY; 37 years with Sodexo 
Allison Asaro, a dedicated professional with a heart of gold, has spent 37 years serving with excellence at Sodexo, where she currently holds the position of Senior Area General Manager in Corporate Services at Societe Generale in New York, NY. Her journey into community service began when she discovered an opportunity to volunteer at the soup kitchen of Trinity Lutheran Church, Feeding with TLC (TLC). What started as a desire to lend a helping hand quickly transformed into a deep commitment to addressing food insecurity in her community. Drawing from her extensive experience at Sodexo, Allison seamlessly integrated her skills into the operations of TLC. From menu planning to cost control, she ensured that every aspect of the soup kitchen ran efficiently while upholding the mission of TLC to provide nourishment and dignity to those in need. Recognizing the need for professional management, Allison joined the Board of Directors and now serves as Vice President, overseeing day-to-day operations and fostering a culture of respect and inclusion for both guests and volunteers. Allison's dedication to combating food insecurity extends beyond her volunteer work; she inspires her Sodexo team to participate in Stop Hunger activities, amplifying her impact and spreading compassion throughout their communities. Her unwavering commitment to service embodies the core values of Sodexo and serves as a beacon of hope for those facing adversity. 

Alexis Beltre, Manager, Client Relations; Corporate Staff, Buffalo, NY; 20 years with Sodexo

Alexis Beltre, a beacon of hope and empowerment, has dedicated two decades to Sodexo while also serving his community with unwavering passion. Growing up amidst food insecurity in the Bronx, Alexis witnessed firsthand the transformative power of financial literacy. This experience ignited his lifelong mission to educate and empower individuals, particularly young adults, with the tools they need to achieve financial stability and break free from the cycle of poverty. For over 15 years, Alexis has tirelessly developed and delivered tailored financial literacy workshops, covering topics ranging from savings and budgeting to credit and investing. Through partnerships with organizations like Say Yes Buffalo and events hosted by Buffalo Public Schools, he has reached hundreds of youth and families, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of personal finance. Alexis's commitment to service extends beyond financial education; he actively participates in Stop Hunger initiatives, fundraising efforts, and Employee Business Resource Group events. His dedication to uplifting others and his tireless advocacy for financial empowerment make him a true hero of everyday life. 

Trudy Lovell, Barista, Hospital Corp of America, Nashville, TN; 17 years with Sodexo 

Trudy Lovell, a compassionate barista and frontline hero at Hospital Corp of America (HCA) in Nashville, TN, embodies the spirit of altruism and resilience. With 17 years of dedicated service at Sodexo, Trudy channels her own experiences with the housing crisis and food insecurity into a tireless crusade against these issues in her community. Beyond her role as a barista, Trudy serves as a beacon of hope, planning and executing food recovery efforts and securing clothing donations to uplift those in need. Her selfless commitment to lifting others up extends beyond her professional duties; she dedicates countless hours to mentoring and engaging volunteer resources within both Sodexo and the client organization. Trudy's unwavering dedication to service, coupled with her genuine compassion and humility, inspires all those around her to join her in the fight against hunger and for the quality of life for her community. 


Brandon Mayle, Lead Systems Engineer; Corporate Staff, Youngstown, OH; 11 years with Sodexo

Brandon Mayle exemplifies the resilient spirit and community-centric ethos of his hometown. With 11 years of service at Sodexo, Brandon's unwavering commitment to his community shines through his leadership as President of the Sodexo Roth Volunteer Group. Despite the challenges faced by Youngstown, Brandon's tireless efforts and selfless dedication have become a beacon of hope, coordinating numerous initiatives to support those in need. From organizing Thanksgiving Food Drives to participating in Stop Hunger Servathon activities and supporting local schools and shelters, Brandon's impact reaches far and wide. His inclusive approach ensures that every volunteer, regardless of location, feels empowered to give back to their community. Even with the responsibilities of parenthood, Brandon's dedication remains steadfast, serving as a role model for his child and instilling the values of compassion and community service. 

Ronnie “Ron” Melvin, Operations Manager, Hospital Corp of America, Nashville, TN; 26 years with Sodexo 
Ron Melvin is a beacon of compassion and inclusion in his community. With 26 years of dedicated service at Sodexo, Ron’s unwavering commitment to uplifting LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness shines through his tireless volunteer work with Launch Pad, a non-profit providing housing and support services. Recognizing the need for more than just shelter, Ron goes above and beyond to provide meals, mentorship, and workforce development skills to help these youth break the cycle of homelessness. His culinary expertise and resourcefulness stretch limited funds to provide nutritious meals, while his approach brings together volunteers from diverse backgrounds to support a common cause. Beyond Launch Pad, Ron extends his impact by coordinating food donations and volunteer efforts with The Nashville Food Project, spreading hope throughout the city. His selfless dedication to serving others, coupled with his ability to unite communities, makes Ron a true Hero of Everyday Life. 

The Foundation also awarded three $1,000 hunger-fighting grants to Sodexo employees receiving the Heroes of Everyday Life® Honorable Mention designation:
•    Fran Alvarado, Sustainability Specialist, Northern Arizona University Campus Dining, Flagstaff, AZ
•    Justin Jatiram, General Manager, Palo Alto Unified School District, Palo Alto, CA
•    Denzel K. Turner, Sr.; General Manager, East Orange School District, East Orange, NJ

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