Volunteer to Stop Hunger


Servathon: April 1 to May 31



Other Ways to Contribute to Stop Hunger

Click here for a short guide on creative ways to volunteer - you may already be helping others with food insecurity! 


Visit and share the links below:

Donate via our Sodexo Stop Hunger Virtual Giving Site: ANYONE can donate here   

Track Group or On-Site Volunteer Activities: Grants KPI Platform                  
If you want to help recover and donate produced food, food in inventory, surplus food, etc., the Stop Hunger Team can help! If you are outside of the Sodexo network please utilize this Guide. If you are a Sodexo employee, please use the company’s internal Food Recovery and Donation Toolkit. If you have any questions connect with Stop Hunger Team Member Taylor Gorycki at taylor.gorycki@sodexo.com.