Join Stop Hunger in a Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Experience

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In January, in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we encourage you to join the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation and the Congressional Hunger Center (CHC) for a 15-minute, 5-day learning journey about hunger and its solutions. You can register by going to the following link: Curatr (

Starting on MLK Day you will receive a message from the CHC with further instructions. The learning experience will only take about 15 minutes each day. Anyone can participate! It's an easy, but important and impactful way to show your support of both MLK Day and the Stop Hunger mission.

Learn more through a CHC Blog post about the event: MLK Day of Service End Hunger Challenge » Congressional Hunger Center

About Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation

The Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation works with and through partners to help end childhood hunger in the United States because no child should be hungry today or risk being hungry again tomorrow. Sodexo, Inc., which funds all administrative costs, and the nonprofit Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, mobilize experts, innovators, volunteers and donors to feed children; to advocate for policies to end childhood hunger; and to implement innovative potential solutions, particularly those designed by youth. Since 1996, the Foundation has leveraged over $44 million in grant dollars to help end childhood hunger.



Join Stop Hunger in a Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Experience