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2016 wasn’t just another year in Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation's fight to end hunger; it marked the twentieth anniversary of the Stop Hunger movement.

In addition to celebrating what we accomplished in 2016, we took time to reflect on how far we’ve come in the last two decades. As an organization, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. In 1996, when we first asked Sodexo employees to join our Stop Hunger efforts, we had 2,000 volunteers. By 2016, that number had swelled to nearly 58,000.

Moreover, we’ve been able to increase our impact on the fight to end hunger in America. In two decades, we’ve granted over $29 million toward the cause. And our twentieth year was one of our most impactful yet. Through our Stop Hunger efforts, we distributed 4.7 million meals and granted over $2.2 million to alleviate hunger in the United States.

Read the 2016 report to learn about Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation’s recent achievements, thanks to compassionate supporters like you.

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